As an artist, I sometimes require images from the internet. With that said, I do not own said images used in my artwork (unless stated otherwise), and therefore I don't plan to use them for commercial use or profit. I use my images for artistic and educational use only (Copyright Section 107). At the end of each post, I do give credit. If you see your image on this site and would like it taken down, please let me know. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, I do not own images taken from the internet, and plan on using them for educational use only. Thank you.

As for the use of my images and designs, feel free to use any of my images for your own, private non-profit works under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Copyright License. However, if you do post to the internet, credit all artists involved, including those who contributed to my original piece.

Here is an overview of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Copyright: