Photo taken by  Ben Kahan .

Photo taken by Ben Kahan.

And I'm...

a digital artist, multimedia creative, sketch hobbyist, and everything in between.

From the beginning, art has always been a way for me to explore my always-changing passions. Unlike other artists, I don't see art mediums as single entities, rather various visual forms that can be used to explore bigger themes and topics that I love. Following this philosophy, I prefer to tackle large scale projects that require more than a single form of art, such as King's Dharma, Conquer the Americas: An Interactive Map, and Atlaza: An Aztec Strategy Game. Not only have these projects broadened my knowledge as an artist, but as an individual: I've learned how to work within a scope, collaborate with fellow artists, and adapt to my surroundings. But most importantly, I've learned how to learn.

As stated above, I'm familiar with various forms of art. These include:

  • Graphic Design, Web Design
    • HTML, CSS & SASS
    • Javascript and Actionscript 3.0
  • Poster Design ("Photo-manipulation" or "Digital-composite")
  • 3D Design and 3D Printing
  • Graphite Sketching
  • Dramatic Arts
    • Lighting Design
    • Sound Design
    • Screenwriting and Storytelling

My Story

During my sixth grade year in 2011, I was obsessed with my mid-2010, glossy white Macbook. The laptop was brand-spanking new, and as a "tween," having my own private device that wasn't owned by my parents (or a hand-me-down) was like a dream come true. Just like any other teen, video game marathons, social media, and binge-watching YouTube were only some of my favorite past-times. However, this dream was short-lived. That summer, my precious Macbook was taken back by the school. My parents watched as I panicked, and instead of crying with me, they unsympathetically handed me a sketchbook and said, "have fun." It was the best response I could have ever asked for.

The summer of 2012 marked the beginning of my journey as an artist. I stared with manga, sketching fictional characters that somehow resembled drawings done by actually successful artists, and then eventually grew to love portrait drawing. Sadly, my interest in manga was short-lived as my passion for technology began seeping into my art. With the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 in hand and YouTube at my side, I started learning how to use Photoshop. At that moment, something clicked; I finally discovered a perfect medium between my now two favorite hobbies: art and technology. I then took off, teaching myself the ins-and-outs of the entire CS5 suite because my passion for the art couldn't wait for a class to be created. Two years later, I hosted an advanced Photoshop club, where I taught peers my age how to create basic photo-manipulations. According to my eighth grade self, It was one of my most memorable accomplishments.

Now, I explore various large-scale projects which incorporates all the art and skills I have learned the past 6 years. I continue to use both digital and traditional mediums to help me with these projects, enjoying the learning process as I go. Although I have never been in an art class or have classically studied any of my preferred art forms, I have taught myself how to adapt to my surroundings, apply what I know in context, collaborate with peers and clients, and how to remain open-minded. My projects range from helping clients with college portfolios, to writing and (hopefully) producing a feature-length "film" called King's Dharma. My passion for learning has never stopped. Looking ahead, I will continue searching for opportunities that allow me to push the boundaries as to what can be done with all mediums of art, and environments that support me and my crazy endeavors, no matter how ridiculous. 

Want to learn more? Need some advice? Just want to make a friend?